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Press Release

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Why a totally brand new book in this day and age?


Context and current state of our time

If we are looking straight, human life is made of countless heroic exploits and tragedies. To throw us into confusion, failures have always been mixed with successes. Some people prefer to see only current victory while ignoring dramatic failure. But we are at a time where we can no longer ignore human sufferings and not do anything about it. Dreaming will certainly lead to some kind of premature death. Many wounds will not heal since many lives will be broken down by countless problems. Life is certainly not a perfect paradise full of happy people without pain. We are now forced to see both sides of the medal in order to one day heal and be free. But in today’s age, those who prefer to see exclusively the good side of life will not have any clues on how to solve human tragedies. Who can exorcise and deliver this world from all the chaos? This book is there to understand and unmask the root cause of worldwide suffering and misfortune. With the exact solution, we can most likely rewrite the story of the world.

Initial trigger: more questions than answers

Where is the wisdom? Different forces unconsciously influence the movements of people. Right now we can sense that the spirit always remains in the dark while the visible physical aspect is awake but is built like an inaccessible rigid wall. These realities alone influence how people think, talk and act in the way they do. Many are easily carried by the strength of their personal torments. Nothing is predictable and secure. Certain things are set and done to prevent one’s life from growing and flourishing. Where do these hostile spirits of rebellion come from? Why does this world seem to give a clear advantage to people responsible for every ongoing war? Many seem to find something good in the highly resistive forces of evil. Collectively, an inflexible population starts to age faster. Violence in many subtle ways has helped many to grow up in the ladder structure like glowing stars raised high on top of the world. The power play imposes a weight that forces good people to be stuck below with a life of a submissive loser. We have no choice but to realize that this remodeled world is ultimately built and meant to minimize the bonds between the people. The world is divided into brilliant challengers who are first in their paradise and the challenged who are constantly fighting back the chaos of Hell. This scenario exactly replicates the captivity of Israel while in Egypt or Babylon. The world is being ruled upside down. The fallen angels’ demand for perfection is high. No wonder why so many are stimulated with much ongoing pressure for excellence by great champions. Open to be slaughtered and changed like a carcass, the slaves focused on the cell are given poverty (meaning heaven) while the heroes focused on the soil are given riches (meaning the earth). The head is certainly not deeply connected with weaker forms of life down below. The energy deployed for survival is high and extreme.

I found out that this life was not following a straight path. Original plans often never bloom out of the ground. Constantly lost as if caught in a never-ending exile, true love seems rare everywhere we are. While young, everyone seems to be moved with real good emotions but these nice feelings suddenly change and dissipate as we grow into an adult. But deep inside I knew that I was always the same. Why do other people change? That is when I began to learn and discover the truth about the world. All forms of life have never really walked with us perfectly in the first place. At the end, we only exist as perpetual strangers. I felt really challenged just to be alive. I couldn’t breathe normally.

I asked myself many questions to understand the source of these struggles:

Why are people programmed to be so competitive? Why does everyone seem so nice but nothing seems very deep with the entirety of these artificial skin-deep bonds? Is this all a comedy? Why don’t we meet prolific creative leaders that do not have to mimic anyone else? Why do infrastructures that were built by ancestors and seemed very solid and good at one time start to decay and crumble as if affected by serious infection? Why do people seem to be so intense and intelligent compared to way before? Why is the birth rate plunging and the average age increasing? Why do people seem to be unfit to create new bonds as if all forms of communication were continuously out of phase? Why do people have this natural instinct to instantly return inside their bubbles? Where do fear and numbness come from? Nothing is random in the universe. A clear simple answer must be discovered. This answer that separates truth from fiction is now accessible.

By understanding the growing pattern that has been developing since the 1960s we can see that the modern world is up for huge challenges as if eaten within by rust. The system started to collapse as if it was dying. How can we win a war if divided? Spiritual revelations were challenged, families were broken, normal fruitful conception barely happened, the feminist and contraception movements were promoted and reinforced, individualistic people started to be more independent and indifferent, aliens have surged while the original population decreased, the elderly slice of the population has increased, dramas have multiplied, mental illnesses or insanities were commonly witnessed, people with more intensity were suddenly more educated and career-focused, science and techniques developed even further along with the increase of intelligence, competition changed people to fighters and adversaries, fear and aggression increased even more, widespread disagreements were not a rarity, time has changed to become more stressed and busy as if living in a state of panic, requirements and demands for supremacy have increased, life became more intense, loneliness and abandonment have grown to be very rampant, stimulation and solicitation by the media increased, the survival mode has never disappeared, both universal openness and withdrawal became common sight, exploitation of nature has gone out of control, etc. Indeed, all faces of our overall health were collectively challenged and desecrated through violent means. The torrent is flowing hard as if life is moved by the strength of a flood. This looks like the Styx River. We will see that when men and women will analyze each of the points mentioned above, some will judge each issue as good and some will judge it as evil. The choices will depend on personal preferences or tendencies. With this puzzling conflict ending in massive bloodshed, we are in for a clever never-ending scam. This is the jungle. By and large, I had experienced an existence that became a life-threatening challenge. Like in the Hades, the world is burning in sulfur and fire. Peace is never there when our existence is intense as if in the shackle. I personally realized that a scandal has the same surreal effect on the spirit as if being caught in the scene of a bloody murder. We are in for an extreme shock from every event we will witness. We will be consumed with an extreme chronic pain. Acts of war are committed since the desire for energy is paramount. Ugly old demons want to dominate the air. Fit hunters seeking solely treasures are not naturally inclined to be loyal to any particular land. Blind invaders are certainly not like the legitimate shepherd. Enemies are now found living both within and without. The show is still ongoing and we can easily foresee that nothing will change. We can predict that all future leadership initiatives will certainly be good and evil at once. But this mixing of two opposite sources is very harmful to the population. We will have neither a shield nor any kind of help. Not a single family is safe. We cannot expect to be healthy by eating from something good mixed with something bad.

I realized that the problem of evil was greater than I thought. It is not surprising to know that many have turned from their spiritual confusion to now focus on that which is obvious such as physical energy and wealth. God is silent in Hell. A new disorder has found roots within the people, families, nature along with this long speculative debate on the existence of an invisible God. The specific role of man and woman is not clear. Nothing is right since what we hear is exclusively focused on individual opinions or criticisms. The leaders that we see are copycats meaning human images put up high that cannot free us from any evil. Reaching the bottom of the pit, this old world is now due for a change.

Investigation and recalibration

In the course of my lifetime, I have acquired advanced scientific understanding in one specific field: applied physics. From the moment I got involved in my research, I started to question back many of these antique truths. Taking a completely new route, I had to make sure that all new conclusions that I came up with were 100% accurate. This experience was identical to identifying an unknown universal language. As it is, all of my conclusions are founded exclusively on natural philosophy. Effectively, I was walking along the same path that has inspired the spirit of the philosopher Spinoza or the scientist Descartes. But I knew it was so easy to be misled by this relative individual perception of truth. Who was I in this huge universe to even pretend that I have acquired the knowledge of good and evil? Since I had never heard of alchemy before, I had to figure out completely on my own that this was exactly the path that I started to take at the time that I began to think very differently from what I had learned since my youth. I was bringing life to a new field of science altogether. I knew that old theories were being uncovered and repeated over and over again like pure wisdom, but it’s a paradox to see that this system was not complete to work properly. I had to do something. I had to move beyond intuition to absolute certainty. I knew all too well of the direct consequences of teaching something with errors in it. I will not be able to help anyone if errors were found dissimulated within my findings at a later time. The consequence of applying a lie would be disastrous. If too complicated, it would just take too much energy to understand what is simple. Forasmuch as the universe is infinite, the road was extremely tedious because its overall weight became more and more unbearable. The mountain was huge. There were so many faces to life and death in this big world. How to separate the two very efficiently? I had no other choice but to move backward since I knew that I could not continue to grow against myself. There are now too many lives in crisis and nobody can say that they are completely immune against all the difficulties that life brings along with time.

After almost a decade-long struggle fighting the wall made of both my own ignorance and the inflow of many odd ongoing difficulties, a completely new revamped piece of work is now out and widely accessible to everyone. The conclusions written down grew with increased maturity. Everything started with one unapparent seed. I was guided in this travel down into the lower layers of evolution. I myself had to be free from the power of pain and struggles. Indeed, it is because we live in a world filled with continually changing forms of illnesses that our lives seem to always be out of control. Diseases have become healthy and strong. To understand the truth simply, and by such, to create the much needed shield to protect our lives, we need to go beyond all strange seemingly inaccessible natural mysteries. My eyesight was open to new unexpected discoveries. Indeed, the Star of David is rightfully interpreted as the “Shield of David”. This old star was known long ago throughout many generations, for thousands of years. This star, which is a clear reflection of Jewish identity, is also present within the structure of the Metatron’s Cube. We can now explore the forces that we see in nature or moving within our own lives to understand the root cause of our human weaknesses and failures. Finally, the goal is to move without pain and be happy in a brand new blissful paradise that is the Promised Land. Otherwise, we will miss out on many subtle opportunities because we have not learned to walk with the forces that are at the origin of our lives.

To be free from all evil acting as thorns and thistles coming from every single enemy we meet, we need a stronger shield solid like a hard diamond as one unique foundation. We will all learn to be sensitive to the universe while being protected by this shield. We will not be sweet naive lambs easily slaughtered at the hands of bipolar monsters much stronger than us. Contradictions prevent anything solid to be built.

A planet where both friends and enemies are free to roam

There is evidently nothing in the media that has revealed that alchemy and the philosopher’s stone are related to the geometry present within the Metatron’s Cube. Scientists use basic tools like mathematics, specialized jargon or elaborated theories to understand their science but do not see any links to this symbol at all. Spiritual, inspired individuals talk about a Creator but without any real link to the natural world. The closest to this new universal understanding is most certainly the mystic kabbalistic or rabbinic tradition. But even for them, the potential is there but the progress is way too slow and the energy is way too scattered to make any significant successful change or progress. We cannot deny that some people have become aware of the Metatron’s Cube or the Star of David at some point in their lives. Like an old tree, eternity has always remained the same. But the understanding is limited and highly mixed with wild personal imaginations. The door is shut solid and no one is truly able to see the “Glory of God” in its full extent. One way or the other, the knowledge of the universe is limited. But it was once revealed that the first man, Adam had personally known the universe from one end to the other just before the fall.

Original groundwork

Classical science as it is today remains unchallenged like a fortress. As no living man created the universe, the root of all understanding ultimately becomes if truth is the way we think it is or the universe works the way it works. By questioning our certitudes, we go back to the name of God revealed to his servant Moses as “I am who I am” and not to the way we think He is.

The Bible was written a long time ago as a series of books assembled together. It is still surprising that this book has survived for so long. The written content is a testament of the history of Israel. There are so many revelations and prophecies expressed and lived throughout this lasting imprint. But even today, no one is truly able to prove that its foundation is absolute truth. The statement that the universe was founded in the length of seven days is one example. Is God or Satan true? Since nothing has been proven, many contradictory people are alive to challenge us. We now need to go beyond blind faith and ultimately open the door to a whole new science which put the revealed Creator in the midst of it all. Once the key is found, what is coming out is an overwhelming flood. We have no other choice but go beyond happy dreams seen during the night.

The particularity of this latest book is about gradually opening up the geometry of one unique star as a cornerstone to explain all universal concepts of equilibrium or disequilibrium in our daily lives. As we start from the very bottom, we need to understand and make a distinction between good and bad as both exist in nature. Indeed, the world is made of a blend of very different individuals.

The great discovery of a new unexpected world: geometry

This innovative book goes so much in the past that we land back in the old story of the Garden of Eden. This tale was passed down the generations through biblical scripts. The emphasis of this manual is focused wholly on the origin of time recounted in the Book of Genesis. To rebuild the world, we have no other choice but go back where it all started in the first place. The book looks closely at the history of Israel and redefines the forces of good and evil flowing between us all. As the mysteries of this life are all too often unexpected and recurrent, we will then walk to understand everything, which is the role of Israel, the core of natural science, the Metatron’s Cube and the structure of our own human roots. We are certainly not alone in this world. There is no separation that needs to be happening between all those since we then learn to both walk with and understand the language of an obscure Creator which we will learn to discover with greater precision. Indeed, we will learn to create bonds instead of destroying ourselves and others due to this conflicting spirit of war. As we will be able to understand the cause of human sufferings and miseries, we will start to heal for a new life altogether. The reconstruction of heaven is now happening with the geometry of a star named the Metatron’s Cube. The healing will start within ourselves as we go next to our immediate community because the war incited by this secretive evil spirit of duality will come to cease immediately. A separation will happen between the two opposite forces.

The main character in the book is the Archangel Metatron. This archangel is equivalent to Hermes in ancient Greece. In fact, the obscure name Hermes was closely connected with “messenger of the gods” and the word “messenger” defines the meaning of the word “angel”. In the Kabbalistic or rabbinic tradition (ultimately created to understand the mind of God), Metatron was associated with Enoch, the first of all prophets. It is this same Enoch that was said to have written the “Book of Enoch” in which he explained the advent of fallen angels, their roles in nature and their hierarchy structure, how they influence and exploit weaker men and women who have fallen also as instruments or vessels to their will right here on Earth, and topics related to the end of days or eschatology. We can realize that all fallen individuals have for the longest time controlled a persisting game that always bends in their favor. But Enoch never knew death. This is very different from human beings that will one day experience some forms of death. It is said that Metatron is the only angel to have seen God. As the Prince of Heaven, Metatron was given the duty of High Priest right inside the Holy of Holies within the walls of the Temple of Jerusalem. Metatron is the Prince of the Presence. It is said that the Metatron’s Cube emanated from the soul of Metatron as a unique cornerstone. As he is the sole angel to have seen God without dying, we can also clearly understand the universe with the help of only one “Foundation Stone”. The name Metatron is rightly interpreted as a savior. God is salvation. As a shepherd and a guide of the deepest level, he is both a protector and a helper.

The book is developed as is: popular perception of wisdom, the foundation of alchemy, the Star of David, the Metatron’s Cube, the Archangel Metatron, explanation of basic geometry bringing life to the portrayed signs, thorough revision of the forces of evil and the forces of good always guided with these two intertwined symbols.

Legacy: the geometry of a star

This book offers a simple and completely new definition of good and evil. The solution offered goes beyond noises created by blithering human words. The reader will clearly understand that all evil can be explained by the two separated triangles of the Star of David. All that is good in our life is explained by the unity of these same two triangles of the Star of David. This is the new revelation. It is urgent to know this new form of understanding because many forms of life will certainly disappear if this is not assimilated into our daily living. Without any guidance, we are simply lost at all times. I had to suffer just to discover this simple truth. I now clearly understand the roots of human struggles. Nothing moves apart or deviates from this sign from the beginning to the end of this book. There are no other answers to be discovered. Like a little light, this dim answer was always there from the beginning of time even before I was born. I have searched for other potential solutions but there is nothing else. Equilibrium cannot be explained otherwise. The whole book is summarized entirely with this universal star displayed on the book cover. Nothing else is needed and this is most important to remember. Rest is at the end of this long challenging road since we will all be able to stop the confusion in the midst of vast number of human deviations.

We need to comprehend that the geometry present within the Metatron’s Cube constantly builds upward each field of science. What we need to uncover is the mysteries written within this ancient sign which in the end is a total fit of the structure shaping all forms present in nature.

New foundation of truth

Extract from page xxvii:

Since there is nothing new under the sun, the Emerald Table, thought by the great Hermes Trismegistus, makes this fundamental statement: “What is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below”.

Short story

I was raised has the oldest in a large family in Sudbury, Northern Ontario. Within my family circle, I was often the one who promoted new activities. This always brought joy to all my siblings. I was a natural leader. That was the best time of my life. I was naturally shy and reserved. I came to the world with this natural innocence. At that time, adults seemed to say that they loved us all as children. I believed in them but never realized that this love would be a sweet distorted half-truth when I grew older. I naturally trusted the wisdom of elders since I thought that they had acquired more life experience. In my mind, they certainly mastered the truth. And I was cleverly cornered and forced to always listen. I was overfed with the same old recipe.

Later on, circumstances made us move to a completely different region. I noticed that lots of people were not sharing the values and convictions aligned with the spirit that we kept in the family. Many put their faith and hopes aside in total opposition to the convictions of the ancestors. Indeed, this world was all torn inside with this desire to follow other new modern enlightening fashion style highly focused on the offerings given by the soil. This is what fills the original nakedness. No one wanted to listen because everyone suddenly started to believe that they were right. Was evil done on purpose? Why were so many individuals not lovable? This didn’t make sense. Extreme outbursts of anger allowed us to see that we would certainly be killed in some ways by people overwhelmed with their many injuries. I could feel this anger, this rage. A new twisted philosophy started to take shape as there was no clear-cut boundary to separate the clean from the unclean. From what we hear, we could almost believe that Hell (meaning this world made of evil and death) was simply a myth. With such adversaries, I felt thorns and thistles constantly aimed at my head. But I can admit that there were some good people everywhere I went despite that the mixture produced was not perfect in all points. At last, I started to discover my enemies at war against my own life.

I later went away to live in the world. I wanted to grow and live my life peacefully. My demands were not exaggeratingly high. But I was never prepared to face the high amount of light-headed superficiality I saw in men and women I met. Society was predominantly living with the same nice feelings displayed by pathological drunkards. Every movement seemed to be so slippery. Nothing was real. At the end, how many were always alone? Was this a mirage? I noticed that the world had this natural tendency to listen first to the voice of their sugary personal inner desires leaving us like a useless object after all the good was consumed like food chewed, eaten and digested in full. Evidently, the desert was full of things. I was forced to realize that the hunger of fat giant cannibals made them walk in opposition to the word of God that had once said “It is not good for man to be alone”. I felt this contradiction and resistance ongoing with no end in sight. I kind of knew that two spirits permanently dominated the landscape. God was absent far and wide. Light did not shine in my life. Heaven was empty. This road was like walking in a wild desert with poverty dominant in every sense and everywhere I looked. Life was tough. I realized that I was challenged all the time. I saw much ongoing judgment as if everyone had suddenly come up with the right knowledge of good and evil. Was it even slightly possible to have a normal simple dialogue? Everyone seemed to know how to walk straight but nothing was totally working right. With a respectable background, I noticed that I plunged into a society that was not polished like one of these pure crystals. I concluded that most will likely not walk with me throughout my life. I got used to walking in the desert. As a loner, I had no one there to help me. There was no help with the presence or the absence of any moving body. It was a paradox I acknowledged that no one was capable of saving me.

I went to school and discovered that I had this natural ability to assimilate every level of knowledge. One day, I will eventually apply this knowledge. It was a surprise to learn that the competition was still not over since some other people had also risen from the ground up with a very similar background! Others were also capable to be leaders and have this extensive control over their existence. This perfect mirror reflection of my life was a real comedy. But in fact, nothing was fully identical. It was as if there was an invisible force hidden to turn all my efforts of growth to zero. I personally knew that I was very capable to come up with original ideas in projects, create new initiatives or diagnose problems etc., as I learned and developed this ability to survive as someone originally coming from a modest family. We had to be resourceful with what we had in front of us. I knew where I came from. I was not dead.

Early on, I always had a romantic soul thinking that meeting of soulmates was always the perfect combination. I had a taste for perfection. The thought of a bigger family was appealing. I knew that I was capable of sacrificing my own energy considering my background. Being fruitful like a live family cell was an ideal. Then, I discovered that nothing was there to encourage the real reunion of one with the others. There were no planned crossroads. Some organizations were for instance effectively set up to help find employment or were exclusively based on commercial interests but nothing else. I was predestined to be only a servant of the empire. Indeed, people had severed their ties to walk alone in extreme opposition to the global interest of our society. As we were forced to focus on only one dimension of our lives, all other dimensions were left to die as if we were collectively pushed and forced into some subtle form of mass sterilization. Ultimately, my life was to regress and die. Strangely enough, all intrusive visits by absolutely whoever were always done in the name of paradise. Nothing felt right. But I knew most connections were unidirectional explaining the hardship of life. In all, the convenient relationships that I saw were mostly coming from random meetings. For the longest time, the flesh was stripped wide open. In my mind, this blind openness was never good. Evil does not allow the reaching of optimum perfection. Deep in my gut, something was very wrong there. Not all connections were certainly right. The universe was simply too big and us simply too small. Injuries would come in the life of a misfit. It was a paradox I discovered that strangers were taking a persisting habit to judge what they did not understand or know in great depth. The world looked a chaotic puzzle.

People seemed to communicate and act by questioning first their close-knit private circles. Because of persistent presence of ignorance in the whole world, evil was free to roam the sky at night. Many had developed different degrees of mental illnesses. All these deadly energies also affected me quite a bit. Too many dimensions of my life started to struggle against death itself. As I was burning in the furnace, turmoil was rising. I easily panicked and became anxious by always imagining the worst case scenario. The sensation was the same as being struck permanently with anguish or grief. At that level of descent, I was overwhelmed with sheer terrors. Existence itself was increasingly becoming an enemy against my own life. What I hoped for never happened and what I did not want just kept happening, bringing perpetual discouragements and hardships. It was a nightmare. Life was nothing less than a real deception. Whenever I began to grow more stable, some mysterious backlash happened to make everything I built and saved crack down back to zero. In a constant state of survival, I was continually robbed of my precious time. I was pulled from every side. I was never able to move ahead in life. Was it fate, a spell or even a curse? It appeared as if I was a victim of circumstances. This was really unexpected. I saw my siblings and couldn’t advise or help them with anything since I couldn’t even help myself.

I knew that it was better to meet people with similar views and convictions but nothing that I was seeing was precisely walking along with the spirit that animated so many happy traditional families. I was never a person that took a habit of swearing, taking in toxic potions or any harmful habits. Overall, I was doing my best. But I noticed that many foolish lives were taking both good and evil in their wild celebrations and the only justification that was brought later was just lame excuses of living this youthful exciting fun as if nothing harmful had really happened and all of these long gone marks were now very far behind. But because of their natural weaknesses, many unsuspecting victims will be in for a huge surprise. Their evil ghosts remain alive. My dad wanted to protect us. But I kind of knew that being isolated was also a great danger since we would certainly disappear slowly in this way. I always kept in my mind that one day I would move ahead despite being pulled back and forth by too many contradictions and blocked by very steep walls. Eventually, I learned that every initiative taken to be alive was always overrun by faster competitors. I was continually late and put far behind. Indeed, the presence of a cursed masculine blind animal awake in the body of the woman (the world) forces and accelerates the growth process of the infant. This is the witch overwhelming the planet. Sadly for my world, all doors were shut solid. I felt complete isolation. I couldn’t stand on my own feet. I felt that my life had little value on the scale.

I ended up as a wonderer and a fugitive moving from place to place. I was lost like one of those unknown homeless drunkards in constant state of survival. I didn’t feel love anywhere as if I was constantly persecuted by cold-blooded hunters that had progressed out of their wild fire to shine successfully like tall shiny idols or giant superstars. I could have been dead or alive and absolutely no one would feel anything. Meanwhile, it so happened that my unique road brought me to different areas of the world. This helped to open my eyes since I then knew that the universe was extremely gigantic. Its overall dimension was humongous. But I did not want to surrender and flee. I had to do something even if I felt being stricken down like a victim of a perpetual murder.

As I also wanted to stabilize the financial aspect of my life, I met some key people in business organizations that at first judged me as someone having terrific potential just to violently reverse this judgment some time later and cast me out of their happy paradise as if I was their vile toxic waste. I was accused and mistreated in very subtle ways. I became the perfect scapegoat. I was never to be the champion flying on top of the world. I was stuck at the poverty borderline as if I was crawling on my belly. I couldn’t understand how a stranger could judge someone so fast at only one glance. I was never trusted as if I was all evil. I was being watched and harassed by mean judges. These ambivalent heroes were evidently like the “Watchers” described in the Book of Enoch. The blows done by positive looking criminals made me want to be emotionally and financially independent in some ways. I was a weak dying slave stuck to always fix the widespread damages due to this permanent vegetative unconscious mental state. On the surface, all the intriguing strangers seemed good and healthy but an old violent poison was always lying there behind each figure. I noticed that everything was just a game. At the end, the leaders with great ambition were at war against my life exactly like wild ferocious beasts. Since the beginning of their youth, stronger fighters standing like tall statues were armed with flashing swords guarding the door to success. The only goal was to grow through the ranks and outgrow any incoming opponent at all cost. I realized that envy makes people of experience have dangerous outbursts of live energy. We can almost believe that some individuals have a head of stubborn goats. This looks like the picture of the Devil.

The world was always maintained as a cruel battlefield. But inside me, I knew that everything in this world could eventually be learned and applied. Evidently, we are flexible and elastic. I had this idea that everyone could nourish and quench this natural inner potential and be free to live fruitful lives. My eyes were opened to see that this life was identical to the survival in a dry desert torched down with a hostile fire and overwhelmed above with thick darkness. I felt like a prisoner forever buried in a cave. Where was the sun? I was always looked upon, opened, analyzed, classified and sentenced to either life or death.

Finally, the world had unconsciously worked together to create a “nobody”. I became this meaningless little voice in the wilderness. I was dead before being dead. I was constantly sad, sick, in pain, astray, poor, all alone and nobody was able to see it. This tortuous path that I followed was evil. Whether I was doing good or evil, never was I able to find my own particular equilibrium. I became lost. My life was dispersed and broken as if my blood was scattered and changed like charred red bray. I was constantly drained from all my live energy. I was not able to heal. I could have snapped in front of all these attacks coming from every single way by a world completely overfed with duality but decided to fight back instead. I realized that I was constantly cursed and my life impaled and sacrificed with arrows in the name of seemingly logical famous laws that had survived from much earlier times. I knew that people were not going to change.

As I am a soft spoken individual and always naturally open to different point of views, I noticed that my inborn sensibility was a curse. At some point, my hope for the better became useless. Because of the presence of holes in my personal circle, I was certainly a weak loser open to be raped at will by all incoming winners. Ongoing oppositions started to take a toll on my health. I thought that I was eventually going to die one way or another. I tried hard to accomplish something but I had no possibility to doing anything. I felt that I would never have the chance to grow and live despite any misleading apparent display of legendary successes. Not everything was good. At the end of the road at the feet of each glorious warlord, I started to rethink everything. I did not agree that a good person had to be cast out in the dark. I would never be able to choose and experience all the best that the Earth could give in my lifetime. One type of people kept me sleeping while another type of people was awake but only living like judges and gods. I became guided by so-called life experts who had perpetually locked me in, and with such a solid grip.

I really knew nothing about this world. Considering my own ignorance of how this life worked, I was certainly an innocent baby compared to the more senior individuals with much more power. My fate was decided beforehand. I was a wounded raw thin soldier with ever increasing limitations. Many faces of my life were left naked and broken in front of predators. The array of choices was slim. Timing was never right. I changed to become an easy prey in the hands of those stronger and thicker than me. The wind of the torrent was blowing strong. As a tormented carcass beaten down and caught in every snare that it came across, not only did I feel eaten all the time but I also realized that nature as well was being eaten whole. Effectively, all forms of species living in nature were also directly threatened with mass extinction. Where did this inner desire for violence and vengeance originally come from? Who was going to be the next victim? At the end, nothing was funny. This life was not paradise. Are there prophecies or any specific genuine enlightenment that had predicted how this world would turn out to be in the very end?

Having reached that level of impairment, I decided to seek another universal truth that would one day free my life from the tyranny of both good and evil. I did not want to die. I needed to breathe freely. I had to completely stop being pulled from every direction to finally learn how to only move forward. This was my own initiative. I then knew that good and evil meaning those contradictions were perfectly blended in everything. I had to put an end to all vague interpretations of truth and search for the cause of this struggle for survival through universal wisdom. Just this alone made me disagree with popular wisdom. One day, the madness of evil spirits in fallen angels had to end. As a fighter, I wanted to make sure I was going to be free on my own just like in the very beginning of my life. This is the narrow path. The once invincible wicked forces of death have to be broken down. Certainly, nobody will copy me this time. Now is the time to expose the simple truth at the origin of the cosmos and be free. One day I ended up with the Metatron’s Cube in front of me. I made it out of Hell alive. At the end, I have learned that good can really come out of evil. Can we still today compare our life to the life of Israel?


The rising of a morning star: the Metatron’s Cube

I started by publishing a book in the French language with thorough investigation of the same topic. Along with this manual, I managed to always do something in terms of promotion, conferences, etc. Such initiatives were done for the most part on a tiny scale. Being proactive in some ways was always important. All this was just practice until the very day something alive starts to blossom out on its own. The content of the book in the English language version is 50% different. This revised edition is more clear and precise, thus requiring very little energy to understand. But the core message has not changed at all.